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ibrooklyn, New York, US

I am interested in the randomness of emotional recognition through art by creating abstract landscapes from unconscious relations between humankind & urban or natural environments. The result is always an expression of mental processes related with that exact instant by creating a unique artistic topography.

About Me

My innovative abstraction is looking for an extraordinary refinement and oscillates between binary opposites: imagination and observation, lucidity and frenzy. She blurs the boundaries between painting, drawing, and writing while preserving a high degree of love of the colors.


My paintings are also in a constant state of flux and suggest different things to each of us.


My art revolves around the great universal themes of love, art, beauty, and death.I see them as a springboard for the imagination.


Lines, shapes and paint stains can suggest me some things I would never consciously designed.


I find my singular way into a landscape of social and human tensions. Initially, my desire to paint is the simple desire to reflect on the existential question: «Who am I?».


My painting style is the sum of my personality, my experiences and my meetings, all that I dared to do and be in my life so far. I try to apply it as much in painting figurative as an abstract way. This perception of myself and the world open almost unlimited possibilities of creation.


I always seeks novelty, surprise and risk-taking and I touch a certain universality that ties us all. This is what I paint that defines the contours of my painting since I started: she is unique, personal, identifiable, accessible, lively and full of freedom.