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iToronto, Ontario, CA

Freedom fighter and rebel by nature. Paint strokes loaded with emotions and colorful moods. Mixed media works in all sizes and types of surface. Never a dull moment.

About Me

This is my story...

Born and raised in Medellin, Colombia. Studied art since early age thanks to my mother who later brought me to the United States to seek a better future. After graduating college with scholarships I dedicated my time to painting large format canvas and doors at the best studio any painter can have, at the Neumann Leathers Buildings in Hoboken, New Jersey.

Exhibited all throughout New Jersey and New York City until 2009 when I took a trip to my hometown. This trip lasted 7 years and gave me a beautiful wife and 3 dogs. Unfortunately, there were no exhibitions of my art in Medellin but many great souls have my paintings and drawings hanging on their walls and that on its own it's a the best feeling. I did spend my time understanding fashion and starting a clothing brand called beFREE clothing, that unfortunately, had to shut down for security reasons. Now living in Toronto, Canada and loving every second of it.

I consider myself a freedom fighter and an abstract expressionist who makes bold statements with every stroke of his knife. There is no stopping this creative mind.

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