iToronto, Ontario, CA

Born in Toronto and raised in Trinidad and Tobago, Apanaki Temitayo M is an author, spoken word poet, actor, multimedia artist and teacher. Her canvas compositions are an expression of her Trinidadian heritage and spirituality. We offer one of a kind, fine art, prints and merchandise.

About Me

Apanaki Temitayo M pays homage to the Ancestors, Orishas, Angels, Guardians and Guides by getting in touch with the ancient Deities and obeisance to the pantheon of the Orisha Diaspora. Having been moved to feel inspired and create, Temitayo M’s work appears as spirit paintings dancing with textile collage, manifesting in various ways, giving thanks to the divine.


Apanaki’s work is an homage to her Orisha, as well as her Trinidadian roots. Drawn to African textiles, beads, shells, crystals and sequins as her sacred ground, her use of the medium in the context of contemporary canvas with acrylic was the start of her journey back to herself. Fabric, shells and beads pay homage to her ancestors and her Orishas, whereas the acrylic paint and water represent the libation. African fabrics symbolize her days of worship. Apanaki Temitayo M’s oeuvre connects her with her Yoruba and Caribbean culture; while connecting the displaced pieces of home, her vibrant collage of colour and light act as a beacon to the Orishas.