Dream it. Do it. Show it.

thinkImagine, if life were fair, your artwork would be exposed to people all over the world, many of whom would actually buy it.

But because the life is far from fair, I decided to help level the playing field for artists everywhere.

I Was Inspired By A Close Friend Who's An Extremely Talented Artist.

I think he's a true original with a very quirky eye. But, as so often happens with anything new and different, a lot of people don't begin to "get" what he's doing.

I knew how discouraged he often felt, so I decided to figure out a way to give him the exposure he needed and deserved. His talent seems totally obvious to me, so I figured there must be a lot of other people in the world who would also get turned on by his work. It just has to get in front of their eyes! So I created a unique new platform:


LiveAbstract is focused on helping you further promote your artwork by exhibiting your expertise in any specialized field of your choice. We'll help you dedicate this space by making it your own personal world and becoming the creator you dream to be. As a fan, I love that each piece that an artist like you makes can have a unique, powerful meaning, given the aspirations you have in mind.


Let us hear from you… your friends, too!

I’m 100% committed to building this online community, and the best way is by responding to the wishes of artists who want to participate. This is your forum. So I welcome your inquiry by email: info@liveabstract.com. Also, please feel free to invite your friends to be part of this exciting new wave, too. The more, the merrier! By banding together and networking, we’ll create a world where we can sell art, promote artists, and share events to continually expand this unique artistic space!

It's my passion to get exciting original artwork both seen and rewarded.

Akwasi Owusu-Ansah, Founder, LiveAbstract